The weekly program will vary depending on weather and sea conditions, however a standard day will include a free dive practice session (fixed line or static) and a free diving or snorkelling recreational excursion. Guests may decide to add other courses, modules or excursions on request.


  • Morning: free diving session on a fixed line between 10m-30m close to Komiža. This will help us to adjust and familiarize with the new surroundings and definitely enter into free diving holiday mode!
  • Afternoon: 2-3hr excursion to the Blue Grotto on the island of Biševo.


  • Morning: snorkeling excursion to Stiniva beach and free diving in the nearby Zelena špilja cave with its magical beam of light, on the island of Vis.
  • Pomeriggio: free diving session on a fixed line between 10m-40m close to Komiža. Those who want to dive deeper will just need to let Veljano know and he will pick the right spot to lower the line.


  • Morning: day trip to Biševo which will include cruising around the island and recreational free diving in different spots.
  • Afternoon: snorkelling and more free diving in the caves and underwater tunnels or just relaxing on the white pebble beaches of this beautiful island.


  • Morning: by this day we should be comfortable with our standard depths and are ready for visiting the Teti ship which lies near Komiža at a depth of between 10m-34m. Prepare to do more dives than you would think as the wreck is very well preserved.
  • Afternoon: 2hr fixed line free diving between 10m-40m close to Komiža. We can use these sessions to improve our technique and our safety buddy procedures!


  • Morning: free diving session on a fixed line between 10m-50m close to Komiža. We are now ready for some deeper dives and pushing our limits a little further…anyone up for a personal best?
  • Afternoon: more fixed line or recreational free diving around Vis.


  • This day has been kept purposely free because we would like to have your feedback on the previous days and do what you have liked best! There are many more free diving spots, caves, beaches or land visits around the island. Alternatively, you can take off and relax on a beach or simply walk around the antique and picturesque towns of Vis or Komiža. In any case, your package includes a morning and an afternoon excursion, just like all the other days!
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